Morgan In Love

{July 11, 2008}   Sometimes You Should Shutup

Action is under rated, hurry up! NOW!

{June 19, 2008}   The Smell of Your Skin

I brings me joy when I think of the smell of your skin, everytime I remember

{June 15, 2008}   All of Me…

All of me is all I have to offer the one I love

{June 11, 2008}   I Offer You Rest

Love means to me a place of refuge and rest. This is what I offer my Love.

{June 2, 2008}   I Will Wait For You

My heart tells me that I will wait for you forever.

{May 31, 2008}   I Can’t Forget

I can’t forget what we had together and what you mean to me no matter where you are today… Somehow I go on even though sometimes I don’t know how.

{May 22, 2008}   I Will Always Love You

If ever there was a song that says it all about the one true love in my life and the one I lost, this is it. It rips my heart out everytime…

{May 15, 2008}   Barbara In Love

An old time favorite when I am feeling in a smooth emotional mood. Gotta love Barbara

{May 10, 2008}   Crazy In Love

One of my recent favorite “In Love”‘ songs

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